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At Dave's Landscape Management Company, our crews continually strive to meet and exceed our customers' expectations. We are proud of our work. Here's what our customers have to say.

Re: Snow Plowing & Tree Removal

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to thank you guys for, again, responding so quickly to our request for snow removal srvc's several wks ago. Last July, you also responded immediately for a tree removal issue. Just wanted to pass along a big thank you, it's greatly appreciated! Also, the gentleman who has been plowing our driveway has been doing an amazing job, esp. under the circumstances. Just wanted to pass that along.

Thank you again!

Colleen & Steven -Sudbury, MA

Re: Snow Plowing


I just wanted to send a quick note after this most recent snow storm. I live in the Natick Village condo complex and I believe your team was plowing around the condo complex. I wanted to say what a wonderful job and how thoughtful one of the men was yesterday. I drive a really small car and so when the plows come through, the wall of snow that ends up being directly in front of the car is astronomical. Whoever was driving at the time saw me out there trying to dig my car out, and he came up really close to my clear to help clear a majority of the snow pile. It was a small gesture but one that shouldn't go unnoticed! So again, thank you for all your help with snow removal and thanks again to the man who helped make my shoveling less of a hassle! Hopefully I have the right company here as I believe I saw this name on the side of the truck. Take care!

Andrea -Natick, MA

Re: Snow Plowing

Hi Dave,

Dear Dave,

The Board of Trustees of The Villages at Quail Run Condominium Association and The Dartmouth Group would like to take this opportunity to recognize you and thank you for the superior services you and your crew have provided during the historical amount of snowfall that we have recently experienced. Your preparedness and response time as well as the manner in which you execute the snow removal services provides a great deal of relief to the residents of The Villages at Quail Run. You provide the Association's residents with confidence that they can get where they need to should they experience an emergency during snowstorms that frankly have been overwhelming. As the property manager for the Association, having the ability to trust that you will be there when needed to get the job done, is greatly appreciated.

We would like to share with you a recent comment from a Trustee who received a phone call from the residents at 2F Strawberry who observed your crew helping out a woman trying to clean her car in the driveway so the driveway could be plowed. There were two trucks and both drivers got out to help her out and then moved her car, plowed, and put her car back in the driveway. In addition, the crew also helped out unit owners on Rotherham Way. On behalf of the Board and its residents, we'd like to say “Kudos to the Dave's crew for helping”!

Although I'm sure we all hope for a break in the weather, we are fortunate to know that we can count on Dave's Landscape Management Company to continue to serve The Villages at Quail Run with grace and superior service.

Thank you again for your continued service. It is a pleasure working with you.


The Dartmouth Group as managing agent for:

The Villages at Quail Run Condominium Association

Re: Fall Clean-up


Your crew was here this morning to remove our leaves. They did a great job, as usual. You deserve a lot of credit for the efficient way they tackle a big job. And they always have the right tools to make the job seem easy.

I especially liked the “leaf plow.” It's the first time I've seen anyone with that tool. It's such a great idea.

Thanks again

Dave -Hudson, MA

Re: Landscape work around a pool

Hi Dave,

Have you stopped by to see how AWESOME my yard looks?! Everyone did a great job! Please thank everyone who helped to get us back on track! My pool area is like a whole new world. It is so open and much more enjoyable.

Take Care,

Dina -Sudbury. MA

Re: Sprinklers and lawn installation

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to reach out to let you know how pleased I was with all of the work you guys did for me in the backyard. Both Matt's were great to work with, very responsive, and I feel like I got exactly what I had hoped for.

The Job looks great, the space has been cleared beautifully, seed is down, sprinkler lines have been laid, and fence is up. I can't wait for grass to come in so I can take advantage of the space.

Thank You for everything you did and that your guys did. I wanted to let you know how appreciative I was of both Matt's – Thanks so much Dave.

Cindy -Framingham, MA

Re: Landscape design, planting, and drainage

We hired Dave's to tackle a large drainage and landscape project for our new home. Due to a steep slant in the front of our property, we needed a way to support the hillside and divert water away from our foundation. We were committed to meeting this structural need in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible. When we first met with Dave I knew we had found a designer with a common commitment. We were immediately impressed with his quick assessment of the problem and his ability to draw up several solutions. He was gifted at explaining what was needed from his end to get the job done, and likewise gifted at understanding our vision for the property. His talented construction team, Scott and Ryan, created a solution that looks like it has always been here. They built a large set of meandering stone steps that at once look lovely and divert the water where we needed it to go. As the summer rains came and the project expanded, Scott and Ryan were here to help. We felt supported throughout our project and were grateful to have such a conscientious team working for us. Dave, Scott, and Ryan are a wonderful professional team. Their years of experience working together are a gift to homeowners. We are grateful for all of their hard work.

As some plants prove happier in spots than others, we are comforted to know that Dave's guarantees their work for one year. We are confident that your team will work with us to find the best plants for our site. They take great pride in their work and it shows!


Carol -Wayland, MA