Galaxy and Color Splash Christmas Lights

Following with our seasonal theme of Christmas Lighting, today we present two styles of Christmas Lighting that have not been introduced yet. They are: Galaxy (Speckled ) Christmas Lighting and Color Splash Christmas Lighting. Warm up your porch with some color splash Christmas Lights Pool area decorated with Galaxy and Color Splash Christmas Lights   Galaxy Christmas … Continue reading “Galaxy and Color Splash Christmas Lights”

Christmas Lights Decorate House Outlines

One technique used for decorating a house with Christmas lights is to outline the house. Sometimes only the roof is outlined, other times the roof and other major portions of the house are adorned with Christmas lights. Garland, wreaths, and bows are often incorporated into the design. Below are samples of the Christmas light outlining … Continue reading “Christmas Lights Decorate House Outlines”

Christmas Lighting by Dave’s Landscape: Details

Today we are showcasing more of the Christmas Lighting displays that Dave’s Landscape has designed. We pay attention to the detail of your property and create attractive, serene areas around your property. Below we’ve used the primary colors of Christmas to create an eye-catching area for passers-by — as well as a quiet seating area … Continue reading “Christmas Lighting by Dave’s Landscape: Details”

Commercial Christmas Lighting

Dave’s Landscape provides Christmas Lights design and installation services to commercial properties. Below is a snapshot of Hudson Family Dental of  Hudson, MA tastefully adorned with wreaths, garland, bows and Christmas lights. Hudson Family Dental beautifully decorated by Dave's Landscape

Residential Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lights create a “quiet elegance” atmosphere for this home in Hudson, MA.  Christmas Lights outlining the roof and highlighting tree by the front door Features of this Christmas Light Installation: Christmas lights outline the roof, windows and front door. The tree decorated with Christmas Lights casts a soft white light up the front walkway. A lighted Christmas Wreath … Continue reading “Residential Christmas Lighting”

The 2011 Holidays are Coming…

We are Christmas lights installers… Let us dress you up for the 2011 Holiday Season!! Christmas Decorations with Lights and Wreaths The team at Dave’s Landscape Management installs Christmas lights and decorations including wreaths, garland,  ribbons and bows, and more… We decorate your house and your place of business. Keep an eye on our blog as … Continue reading “The 2011 Holidays are Coming…”